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Tounge feeling weird after two teeth removed because of infection



Junior member
Oct 2, 2012
Two weeks ago I had two teeth removed because of an infection, I was on antibiotics for a week. The remove seems to have worked and the area is healing. However, now I cannot eat on the right side of my mouth that well. It was the two teeth on the bottom right side, my wisdom tooth had already been removed last year - so that makes 3 spaces open on the bottom right side (all together in a row).

The problem I am now having is that at the area where the teeth are gone my tounge feels weird. Sometimes when I am eating I feel a 'cramp' in my tounge on the side of it exactly where that open space area is. I read something about the tounge will expand into the open space? Does this cause cramping and/or pain in the tounge? What can I expect?

Thanks for any answer to help calm me down, because my tounge is acting weird and feeling weird where that open area is. I hope this is normal and something I need to get used to instead of something more serious?
Hi David and welcome to DFC

I am not a dentist, so unfortunately can't answer your question, but didn't like the thought of you worrying yourself silly in the wait for some advice. Our dentists normally come on a bit later, so I was wondering if in the meantime you are able to contact your own surgery to see if they can advise you?

I hope that you get some more helpful advice than I have been able to offer, and in the meantime, I wish you well.

Take care.

Thank you, Kim. I called this morning only to find out they are on vacation this week. That's why I am hoping someone here knows if this is common or if I need to find another dentist while the other is on vacation.
That's a bit of a bummer, is there anyone else at the surgery who would be able to help, another dentist who has access to your treatment records? I feel as if I am grabbing at straws here, but if it puts your mind at rest a wee bit, then all well and good :)
It's perfectly fine. The tongue is having to work a bit harder to try to compensate for your missing molars, so it's having a wee moan about it. It should settle down in a few more days. Try not to get too worked up about it.