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Transitioning from a Flipper to Uppers....& Panicking!!!



Junior member
Dec 22, 2015
Hi there! I'm brand new here - I just stumbled onto this site as I was looking for reassurance that everything was going to be okay!

I've worn a flipper for several years now, with 9 upper "teeth" on it. I have 5 "original" upper teeth left. I made the decision to go ahead & get an upper denture, and I got the call today that it was in.

Now, I'm officially freaking.

What if the denture doesn't *fit* right? How much pain will I be in with getting 5 teeth extracted & immediate dentures placed? Is it easier to transition from a flipper to a denture? Will I still talk weird, or will the use of the flipper for several years not make that a concern? I also have a weak gag reflex, and am worried about the denture going further back on the roof of my mouth than the flipper does.

I'd love to hear tips, tricks, techniques on this transition!


I imagine the transition might be a little bit easier if you've gone so long with a flipper. Also, the fact that some of your gums already have settled in without teeth might mean your immediate is an easier fit at first than it is for some people.

Immediates usually have to be adjusted a couple of times pretty soon after - so if they feel wrong for the first couple of days, don't panic! That's normal. Just get to the dentist and get them to tweak it around for you.

The immediate shouldn't cause you extra pain with regards to extractions. It actually helps protect the extraction sites at first. Just take the recommended dosage of painkillers to keep the edge off and you should be fine. If the immediate does happen to rub your gums, the dentist can fix that easily by sanding away any parts that are rubbing. If it's sitting too far back along the top of your mouth, they can also shorten that part. If you find it triggers your gag reflex, don't worry. Mine triggered mine a bit at first, but drinking water helps suppress it for a while. Just take it out if it's making you gag, then try again. Mine stopped triggering my reflex after a couple of days.

As for talking, I have no idea. I don't know if it'll be a slightly different shape to your flipper. Again, practice and adjustment is the key. Sing songs, talk to your plants/pets/yourself, just keep practicing. If you do notice a lisp, remember that it will sound way more pronounced to you than anyone else.

It's a transition period that can be very frustrating. Hopefully your years with a flipper will help you out! If you are finding it hard, talk to the dentist, and feel free to vent and ask for advice on this forum any time. :)

Good luck! :hug4:

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