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Trauma to lower front root canaled tooth



Junior member
Jun 27, 2014
After weeks of toothache in two molars either side and my dentist not believing me that the nerves were dying ,I changed to a new dentist who confirmed that indeed the nerves were almost dead and proceeded to start root canal proceedure
Whilst he was doing this,I somehow managed to bite down hard on a metal instrument
with my root canaled lower incisor taking all the force:o
The next day my tooth felt agitated and not right but I thought I had just bruised the ligament and over the next few days it seemed to improve .However ,since then it has become extremely painful and biting on it makes it even worse!
Therefore, what is wrong with this tooth ?why has it not calmed down after three weeks?
I returned to dentist last week who X rayed it but apart from a widened pdl he could find nothing wrong and gave me antibiotics in case it was infection(Don't know why as said root canal looked fine)I asked if I could have fractured the root but he said he didn't think so.
The tooth is the only lower incisor I have( apart from an implant next to it) and has considerable bone loss.I would rather it be extracted and toothless than have this constant agony:cry:

Arzoo Nasiry

May 25, 2014
Los Angeles, California
It sounds like you may have fractured it. Some fractures especially vertical fractures can be harder to detect on a dental radiograph. I hope you feel better soon;)


Well-known member
Dec 10, 2006
I wonder if a transillumination test would help? I mean it is on a lower front tooth.

A transilliumination test is simple. The dentist shinnes a powerful light through the tooth to see if its cracked. If there is a crack, the light wont pass through and shallow out on the crack. If there is no crack then light should go through all the way.

Might be some issues if its root canaled though.