Trigeminal neuralgia



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Mar 11, 2017
Hi, I am seriously worried as I have an appointment tomorow with a Hygine. My story is as below, but need some urgent help please as i am pretty nervous.

1. I was having a sharp pain in my tooth. I went to the dentist and she said no problem with my tooth....One of them needs a filling and she did that... (She mentioned the filling is not that much). She did give injection to keep it numb.
2. Next day i was having a burning pain in my gums....and then suddenly pain in my jaw (upper and lower) and it goes to ear ...kind of nerve pain for a minute or two.
3. I took Ibprufen and then it subsides so that i can sleep...but it again came in the morning.
4. Went to the dentist again, she took more xray and said no issue and your filling should not hurt the this nerve pain should go away.....
5. But it never went. I used to experience this burning gum pain and then this nerve I went to different dentist.
6. He took again the X-ray and then said my tooth is all fine....And I have gingivatis...and very bad Hygeine....And i should clean that. As my gums are inflammative and reddish....
7. So tomorow, I have an appointment with my dental hygiene to clean the gums.

My Questions which i am worried:

1. Is two are seperate issue? Will gum issue cause nerve pain?
2. Because of this cleaning, it shouldnt put me in worse condition?
3. Is this nerve pain caused by filling? The dentist said it was not a high filling? if so is it due to the chemicals?
4. 2 of the dentist said my tooth did not decay?

So what should i do? Any recommendation will help!! I am pretty nervous!!


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Jul 1, 2018
I am not a dentist so I hope one can jump in here and reassure you. I can tell you my experience as I have been diagnosed with atypical facial pain. I had to go through a lot of testing, even seeing a neurologist and get an MRI, as I was having pain in teeth and gums, and burning feeling.
I was told that mine was not trigeminal neuralgia, as with that the pain is triggered by something, like a touch in the cheek, or the wind on your face. Mine was inconsistent, as it would spontaneously hurt for a day, or up to two weeks, then disappear. It didn’t have a trigger but the teeth were always fine on x rays and not sensitive to heat or cold. It would move around also. Sometimes the pain would be in my upper front teeth, then on the bottom molars the next time. Sometimes it would shift in the same day. I ended up losing two molars that most likely had nothing wrong before I was diagnosed. Root canals did not help and even after I had the tooth out and implants placed, I still have pain occasionally.
Have you had other dental work done, besides the filling? Mine was triggered by having a root canal on an upper molar. That was when it all started. Granted, I did have some issues with cracks in some molars as I was clenching my teeth at night.