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Trigger warning: Fear of dentist and that my bite is messed up



Junior member
Mar 5, 2017
I am terrified of dentist as it is but i went to a new one cause i chipped my tooth and my regular dentist could not get me in for a week. So i went to a place i had been to before but it had been a long time. She had filed down my top back molar then the bottom molar under neath that one cause it was sharp too. She also filled some front teeth cavities. I had to go back that same day cause the front teeth she filled i could not floss between them so they had to fix that. Now my bite feels off like if i close my teeth together by bottom teeth are putting pressure on my front teeth and causing me pain and my molars don't feel like they are touching right either. I am scared to go back what if it gets messed up worse. Can a jacked up bite be fixed? I always have had a overbite but this has made it worse and of course my dental phobia worse. :scared:
A bite problem should be fixable. They have these paper thingies they make you bite down on to show where the most pressure is applied, and they should be able to work from there. Maybe wait until you can see your regular dentist.

Do you grind or clench your teeth regularly? That could make the pain a little worse, and as grinding and clenching can be an anxiety symptom, it can become a circular problem.

Make an appointment, try to be calm while you wait, as bite problems like this are not uncommon, and hopefully your dentist can help you out. :)
I am trying to stay calm but not doing so hot at that since im calling them tomorrow to see if they can fix it. I do not grind my teeth at all only time i ever clinch them is if i get mad, lol. When i chew everything just feels off and my bottom front teeth are putting pressure on my top front teeth and thats never been a problem before. Thanks for help. :)
It sounds like the filling is a little too high. That's pretty common- when you're numbed up, it's hard to feel it. It's a very simple fix. They'll have you bite on a piece of wax paper as mentioned above to see where the high part is and they grind down the high part of the filling until it feels right. Very quickly and easily fixed! It's always taken about five minutes for my dentist to take care of a high filling for me.
well i went in and they filled down some areas in my mouth that were off and more on my front teeth were the fillings are. She also did tooth contouring she said that would help with pressure. Well that fixed my bite but now my teeth are so sensitive right now and have been for 3 days since i seen her on wed 7th. I contacted them back and they gave me some crest sensitive strips so i hope it will help the pain.