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Trying not to be. nervous...



Junior member
Sep 10, 2019
United States
So I'm getting my wisdom teeth out this Friday. I'm not nervous over pain, but the smells and I refuse to go under or gas, just using local.

What does the pressure feel like? I've tried Googling but can't find anything. Also, my dentist said that my top 2 will be easy to get out, but the bottom (epesically bottom right) will be a doozy. My bottom right is close to the nerve and he will have to cut to get in.

Also, I've had 2 root canals and crowns. Beside from tooth extraction, is it similar with how invasive it is? I keep reading about how impacted teeth should make you go under, but that would worsen my anxiety.

Basically I just want to know what the pressure will most likely feel like and if anyone has had their tooth taken out with just local if it's impacted.
Hi Ames235,

just saw you haven't got a reply yet, sorry to see that. Hope I'm not too late to this as your procedure is today.

Your question about pressure is a common one and a bit hard to explain. Pretty anything that you feel after you get number up results in a dull sensation of knowing something is happening there but not being able to localize too precisely where and in no way being able to tell what, if that makes sense. I remember just feeling something is done but not even paying attention after a while because it was all the same feeling. The part with pressure as I can remember it is simply pressure - not too different to you pressing a finger against your cheek or against your lip (trying to describe it as best as I can according to what I can remember). The point here is that pressure is no pain and in my experience cannot be confused, if this is what bothers you.

Impacted teeth do not require being put under, it is just all about your preferences.

Good luck for today and feel free to come back and let us know how it went!
Thank you! The surgery went really well, although my lower right side is in pain from all the stuff they had to do to get the tooth out, but other than that I feel fine.