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Trying Not To Panic But Am Very Worried Post Extraction



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Mar 2, 2022
Really hoping a dentist can put my fears to rest here so I can focus on just healing up.

I had extractions (and some fillings done) on Tuesday, under general anaesthesia. It seems like I’m healing up okay but I’m concerned over a couple of things and I just need to know if I should be.

1) I had four teeth, all upper fronts, extracted. One of the teeth that has remained is a front tooth. It was restored but now it feels too big and bulky. Is this just because of the extractions? Or could this be an actual issue? When I try to drink or eat, it feels like the tooth is just in the way or is about to fall out of my mouth. And it’s been nearly impossible for me to start eating or drinking.

2) Perhaps more pressing is I’ve developed a cough post procedure. It’s a nasty thing, involving me constantly clearing my throat and needing to “hack” so I can properly have a clear throat. I also find it hard to drink anything because it feels like afterwards I have a lump in my throat or need to clear it again. There’s a chance I’ve gotten sick as it seems my whole family has but I’m very concerned that this could have been caused by the anaesthesia and/or will disrupt my healing. Should I call a doctor about this? The dentist? The anaesthetist? Or what? I just don’t know.

Any advice or reassurance would be appreciated thank you! I’m just going out of my mind with worry.
1) Hard to say, but if it still feels weird in another few days (give it over the weekend) then ask your dentist to have a look. Reshaping it will be easy (and totally painless!)

2) During the GA you'll have had a tube put down into your trachea to keep you breathing. Seems a bit drastic but anaesthetists are funny that way :) I'd be more surprised if you didn't have a slightly "funny" throat for a few days after this. Don't worry about it, it's perfectly normal and will go away on its own soon. Surprised they didn't warn you about it in the hospital though.
@Gordon Thank you so much for the reply Gordon!

I’m happy to hear if my tooth does need reshaping it can be done and painlessly at that. Whew. That’s a big load off my shoulders already!

I actually had my procedure done in the dentist’s office, and although I’d been under general before (for another surgery in an actual hospital) I didn’t have what I’ve had here. That‘s why I was worried about it and thought I should ask to put myself at ease. It’s been a bit scary, trying to recover from extractions (and restorations) while coughing and clearing my throat all the time.

Thank you again!