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trying to find sympathetic dentist taking on NHS patients in southampton



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Feb 21, 2013
hampshire uk
Having read through this site, I summoned up the courage to contact a few dentists who were suppose to be sympathetic with phobic patients. I cant find a good dentist taking on NHS patients in my area that fits my needs.
I suffered sexual abuse as a child and developed a serious phobia about anything or anything coming near my mouth so its been 35 years since I have been to a dentist. I suffered severe depression but with the help of counselling I am coming through it and need to sort my teeth (if thats what you can call them) out, most of my teeth are just stumps and the ones remaining are rotten. Trouble is I want a dentist that is caring and not judgemental, have been in touch with at least eight dentist today all saying they are taking on NHS patients and as soon as I explain my story they are full. Getting me down big time :shame: dont know what to do next
Re: trying to find sympathetic dentist taking on NHS patients in southampton

Hi Lee,

sorry to hear you've been having such a hard time finding an NHS dentist who can meet your needs, despite trying so hard :(.

I'm not sure what the community dental service in Southampton is like in terms of waiting times etc., but this service might be an option for you. You can find out more here:

[out-of-date link removed]

From their website:

Who is this service for?

Our services are available to adults and children who can’t easily access dental treatment in a general dental practice.
This might be because you have:

  • Severe learning disabilities
  • Mental health issues
  • Medical complications
  • Behavioural difficulties
  • A phobia of dentistry and other special needs

We can also provide a service for people who are homebound, homeless or in prison.

Get access to this service

To request a referral to our service you can speak to:

  • The Hampshire dental helpline – 0845 050 8345
  • Your GP
  • A dentist at a general dental surgery
  • Social services
  • Other healthcare professionals.

If you want to find out more about making a referral, you can call us on 01329 827862.
We have services across Hampshire, some of them are provided in clinics in local health centres. We can also provide some care and treatment in your home.

How we can help

We provide the same dental services and treatments that a general dental practice provides, such as check-ups, repairing damaged teeth (fillings, crowns), cleaning and treating infection. We give advice on the best way to look after your teeth, gums and mouth.


I think you would fulfill the criteria for referral to the community dental service. The dentists there would usually have special training in special needs dentistry (including people with phobias and survivors of sexual abuse). Maybe you could ring the Hampshire Dental Helpline (0845 050 8345) for some more information?

I hope you'll be able to get the care you deserve soon :). Let us know how you get on and good luck :clover::clover::clover:!!!
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Hi Lee I am in Portsmouth and the surgery I attend as an NHS patient is the SCA Group which also has a surgery in Southampton, have a look at their website, you can also email them. I have found them very supportive and helpful. :clover:.best wishes