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Trying to get psyched instead of scared for upcoming dentures!



Junior member
Aug 17, 2017
A little background first; I'm under 30 but over 25, and my situation is a mix of bad genetics and, I'll admit, questionable care. My grandfather had to have his teeth pulled and dentures when he joined the army at around 20, so I've done a bit better than that. My mom's are similarly bad, though I think she's got more metric tooth left. (ha)

I didn't have this problem, really, when I was a kid. My teeth were bad but I got regular check-ups and all that. Eventually, when we had good insurance, I even got braces. That's probably around where the trouble started. I hated braces, hated having them tightened, and felt guilty as sin about how much I knew was still being spent for them. When I lost my retainer (a thousand bucks to replace) I took the opportunity to just get them out.
With teenager-hood came anxiety and depression, not that I knew what either of those things were. Self-care habits plummeted. We also lost our insurance, so I couldn't see the dentist at all. Around 20 is I think when everything started adding up.
At this point, a number of front teeth are broken off at or near the gum, one of my right back teeth is a black hole I need to pry food out of daily, and the rest of my mouth is, quite frankly, a hazard trap. I scared a kid into better oral hygiene once at a laundromat I used to work at, and regularly take digs at myself. I've had multiple infected teeth, a few pulled, and of late pretty much everything was infected. One tooth or another pretty much always hurts, and I've got a mental list of foods I have to avoid because, as I put it, 'I don't have enough teeth'. See: anything crunchy, really. Because I just know something'll come off.
The funny thing is I've gotten so used to it, under a certain level I barely notice when something hurts or feels weird.
After about 4 years since I've seen a dentist, I finally made an appointment when another piece of tooth broke off and exposed...something. I've known forever that I was headed towards dentures, though until recently it was more of a dread than anything else. (Admittedly this was a big part of why I didn't want to go. On top of expecting to be shamed.)
So, for the first time in ages I went to the dentist! The visit went well - it was a 'getting to know you' and initial check-up more than anything, my dentist more or less agreed with me. There was, however, absolutely no shaming. They were able to make another appointment for me later that day to have a few teeth pulled (my insurance covered all of it), and I told them I'd think about it and see if I could come up with the money.
For all the extractions and the dentures, my estimate was $2400, with $2000 that could be covered by something not quite CareCredit. This was after insurance. (Anyone in the KY area know if this is a good price?)
At this point I'm getting up the nerve to call and make an appointment for the fittings, other extractions, etc. I'm more or less stuck at the dentist I'm at - and they make their own dentures - due to insurance, but they were super nice - if a little overzealous with writing my excuse note for work. Two days, and I barely felt any pain at all. Ah well. :)
The thing I'm running into now, is nerves, plain and simple - compounded with the last forum I found doing a ton of shaming anyone asking about dentures, talking about what a terrible idea they were, and everything else under the sun. I've read a few stories on here that have helped, but I need all the reassurance I can get. I've got a list of questions I want to ask them before the appointment since I was shaky back when I was actually talking to them.
Really, right now, I guess I'm looking for some people to tell me that this isn't a terrible idea, for my own piece of mind. My teeth aren't as bad currently as they were before my last visit, but I know that's because I got an antibiotic, and I know it's just a matter of time no matter what I do.


Well-known member
Aug 18, 2017
Austin, Texas
Hello, I am new to this group too. Like you I have had multiple infections and one tooth after another go bad to the point where I actually learned to adapt to it somewhat. I know anyone with a healthy mouth would think we are insane to say such a thing, but it's amazing the level of denial an anxious person can live in. I recently bit the bullet and was prepared for a life with dentures. At first I was overwhelmed and grieved for a time because I'm only 41 years old. I eventually accepted the situation as is and learned from people who have adapted to their dentures that they are not horrible at all. In fact, some people said they regret not having them sooner. I am going to be getting dental implants to replace all of my teeth but I wish sometimes that I were getting dentires instead. Far less invasive. We can be proud of ourselves for taking control of our situations and making th steps even while afraid. I wish you the best and hope you get plenty of reassurance from denture wearers who have had success.


Junior member
Aug 22, 2017
Metro Detroit, MI
I found myself in pretty much the same situation as you described...had some teeth pulled, multiple root canals, teeth breaking when the wind blew, etc...my top front teeth were the worst as of late when two broke in fairly rapid succession...not to mention my two bottom back teeth were both broken and one was infected.

I finally had surgery on 8/19/17...I am healing well but not fast enough for my liking...I have a set of immediate dentures which my Dentist has been adjusting as I heal...will have a partial for my bottom teeth...biggest pet peeve is that I am tired of yogurt, pudding and ice cream and want to eat something substantial like right now.

I believe that you are doing the right thing...it could effect your overall health in the long run if left undone...

Don't let the haters get to you...when the rubber meets the road you are doing this for YOU...not anyone else...so F**k 'em!!

I wish you the best of luck!


Super Moderator
Staff member
Jul 26, 2017
Minneapolis, MN
I got my dentures at 30 . my front teeth were SO bad,, i didn't even want to open my mouth. they didn't look or function right but they were still there.. I was so afraid and did NOT want dentures and was so scared.. My dentist talked to me SO nicely about the fact that even though dentures are a scary option for me my reg teeth are not any better and dentures can give ma my smile back. she was honest it wiould take time to get used to eating and that with them and its not the same but really balance out that my other teeth weren't great and my self image of having new teeth up there will allow me to not be ashamed of my smile which she knew I was. Because I trusted her I did it.. and I was able to walk into an interview for the first time smileing and feeling a bit more confident.. I still mostly take them out to eat when in private.. and its harder, takes longer to eat with them in. but I do feel bettter .. ultimately... If I had the money to do a bridge or implant I'd of rather done that but I didn't so this was the best option at the time I hope you have a wise and compassionate dentist to help really answer your questions and make you comfrotable with your decision.. I'm really thankful for mine at the time.