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TW suicidal thoughts. Desperate!!!



May 22, 2014
I haven't posted for a while.

A few years ago I had some work done. It went well and I got lots of support here. But since then three of my molars have completely broken to the gumline around the fillings and hurt constantly.

I also have a hole in the back of my front tooth. It's not visible but I'm in constant fear that it will break.

I honestly feel like I need to kill myself. I think my teeth are too bad for me to live. I am afraid every minute of every day.
Please, please get to a doctor.
It may sound like the wrong thing to go to a doctor about dentistry but this has already gone over a line.
Your life is far too valuable.
The time to treat yourself with basic love and respect is now.
I beg you.
Would you be kind and post an update on how you do?
Thanks and I wish you the swiftest recovery.
I totally get where you are at this moment in time. I have been there. (My thoughts, feelings and emotions became too much.) But, you can get help with this. Things can get better.
As Ilovemydentistreally has already said please go and see you GP. It is really important that you get help with your mental health (as well as tackling your dental health.) You may only need temporary help - something to help with the now.
If you can, try and confide in a friend or relative. Just someone to share the burden. Above all, I hope you can permit yourself some self-compassion.
You can do this. You can get to a better place.
If you want to 'talk' PM me. We are here, as much as we can be.
Look after yourself and let us know how you are doing.

We are here to support you and I know how overwhelming these thoughts are and hard it is to think about. I only echo the others.. Thank you for taking the big step of writing here and letting us know how you are feeling that is huge and heard..We care. take one baby step at a time. We'll help you along the process as you go along.

Private message me if you need to talk. I went through a similar feeling last year when I had a whole bunch of dental issues come up at once an ended up having a lot of extractions. It was overwhelming and I ended up seeing my Doctor and getting a prescription for antidepressants for situational depression. I was only on them for about 8 months, as once the dental work was to a point I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, she had me wean off them. It was the best decision I ever made.
Hi Quixote,

I know you have been through a lot and it sounds like it‘s been a bit of rollercoaster for you in the past years and the dental stuff seems to be a part of it. Reading your post I feel like you have been pushing yourself too much towards solving the dental problems and never really touched the anxiety as such. It is absolutely possible to beat the fear but it needs time, really small baby steps, a lot of trust and a dentist who is familiar with treating patients with your (and my) past (and it‘s not necessary to disclose anything if you don‘t want to). You can also keep on pushing but it will get harder and harder over time (as you see).

The good thing is that there is hope, whenever you decide to move on.

Take care