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Two hours worth of fillings done with laughing gas!



Junior member
Oct 17, 2015
Hello! I have posted on the forums before. I had numerous cavities in my mouth that I was afraid to get taken care of because of the possible pain and the discomfort at the dentist + I had a bad experience as a child which now gives me dental anxiety. I stayed up all night before my appointment because I was so nervous.
I have had laughing gas previously but I think the dose was way too low because I can remember all of that and I was still a bit anxious. This time I got a larger dose and wow! 2 hours went by like 10 minutes. I had very weird, mostly auditory, hallucinations and distortion but it was not bad or scary, it was actually pleasant. The drill going against my teeth sounded like a guitar at times. I remember thinking that this was the first time I actually enjoyed the dentist haha! I had absolutely no fear! I was still capable of following their instructions which is amazing because I felt so far away and relaxed. After I came out of the appointment I kept asking my boyfriend if I was actually in there for two hours and if he is sure they did all my teeth. It just felt like ten minutes, so I really was not sure.
Felt a bit confused for a maybe ten minutes after and then I was as good as new, except for the numb lips from injections.

I really really would recommend this to anyone who has dental fear, and make sure they give you enough! It was a lot cheaper than IV, at my dentist I payed 60 dollars for two hours (I think), and it was totally worth it. I actually feel like my dental fear overall is now less because I had a nice experience for the first time at the dentist, so maybe next time I will feel less anxious.

I just wanted to share, I feel so happy today, it feels good to have teeth that have no cavities!


Well-known member
Oct 13, 2015
Las Vegas, NV
Laughing gas is the best! I love it so much! I've had like 4 appointments and it only gets better. I'm so chill in the chair sometimes.

I also get the weird auditory distortion/hallucinations. It just sounds like a weird sound. It's not freaky at all when you're under the gas. Its pretty interesting when you think about it.