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Two problem teeth



Junior member
May 27, 2024
Somerset UK
I have a private dentist who gave me a root canal on my second bottom right premolar due to hot and cold sensitivity. This was a year ago. Since October 2023, it has become sensitive on occasions to cold foods. I have informed her of this on my last two check ups but she says she doesn't know why, as the RCT was fully completed and I have no nerves in the tooth. She says it may me a referred pain. Now, I have a vertical root crack in my second bottom right molar, next to the wisdom tooth, that was reacting to temperatures. She wanted to try and save the tooth, so has performed a deep filling with some new bonding. This tooth is a little sensitive to cold, especially when my tongue touches the back and once again, the RCT tooth is causing sensitivity today. Please note, the first bottom right molar is missing. I wonder what is the best path to take with this situation? She says both may need extraction if symptoms persist. She is a good dentist but I am so scared that I literally have a near nervous breakdown before I go. Please help! I suffer from bruxism but wear a guard at night.
Hi @Susiejaneuk
It's very good news that you wear a nightguard. Bruxism is a nightmare for causing teeth to crack. It can also make teeth appear sensitive when nothing else is wrong with them, although doubt that would work with a root filled tooth.
The exact cause of the ongoing sensitivity in your case may be difficult to pin down. I would not be able to diagnose it from just your description. It dos sound like your dentist knows what they are doing, so I think the best thing to do is to let them investigate and go with whatever they recommend. If may take a few visits before she is certain what the best treatment is.