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Two teeth chipped near gumline



Junior member
Oct 12, 2016
My partner has agoraphobia so of course going to the dentist takes a lot of courage etc.
The problem is he's just visited the dentist and it's been around a fortnight since.
Last week he noticed a tooth had chipped near the gumline and just now noticed a second one that's done the same (not sure if it's a filling) .. I want to know if he'll need these two teeth removed or if they can have some kind of filling put there? .. Anyone experienced anything like this ?
Without pictures and/or an x-ray it is really tough to say if the teeth would need to be extracted.
Sounds like he has an eroded area. They are usually a cupped out area right above the gum on the side of the tooth. These can easily be repaired with an excellent prognosis.