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Two weeks after upper 1st molar extraction, another tooth is hurting.



May 23, 2019
A wee bit of backstory. I needed this previously rct'd tooth removed as it was causing horrific pressure. The tooth came out in under 10 seconds due to the inflammation. I have suffered horrendously from bruxism for years (around 20 years). That cleared the pain. Anyway, 3 days later and it turned into a dry socket which all things considered, it hasn't been that problematic. I suspect it's about healed as it's 10 days out and not much pain.
The problem i have now, the tooth directly underneath it (bottom first molar, which is also rct'd and crowned) is now giving me the same pain as what sent me to the dentist for the initial extraction on the top.
The dentist took an x ray and seen nothing wrong, so I dunno what is happening here.

Could it be referred pain from the dry socket above? Even though the dry socket site seems to have really settled down. Can an upper tooth dry socket cause pain that far across my bottom jaw? Could it be a tmj issue caused by the extraction?
For the last two years, i have had a weird sensation on my left side. I can only describe it as having those cotton wool things in my mouth that the dentists put in as to keep the site saliva free. It kinda feels like an intermittent numbness (top and bottom located on the gums. Cheeks feel fine), but nothing feels numb to the touch. When that numbness sensation wears off i get a tingling feeling and this is when my bottom 1st molar hurts badly for the last week. Feels like someone has punched me in the face with an awful pressure located under that bottom tooth.

My dentist has no idea what is causing it. But jeez, no sooner has one rct'd tooth failed, another seems to be heading that way too. But no xray evidence to show anything is amiss.

So yeah, wondering if this could possibly be all referred pain or a tmj issue. It is centred on that one tooth. can't even wear my night guard as it irritates that tooth so much.
Normally TMJ/referred pain is not particularly site specific, so I'd be very suspicious about that lower molar. Usually if you can localise the pain to a specific tooth, then that's the culprit.
Normally TMJ/referred pain is not particularly site specific, so I'd be very suspicious about that lower molar. Usually if you can localise the pain to a specific tooth, then that's the culprit.
Thank you for your input. Greatly appreciated.

I really didn't want to write a war and peace type post during my op.

I can add a little more. The upper 1st molar site (10 day old dry socket now with minimal pain), can still nip for around a minute, but settles down and the nipping pain isn't bad at all. 2/10 at tops. But after it nips, the lower 1st molar kinda gets a numb sensation between the inner cheek fold and gums (the bit where the cheek joins the gums). The nipping sensation that happens on the upper 1st molar kinda travels along the top, then down the jaw. It's not a nipping sensation, just like moving discomfort. The bottom 1st molar site then begins to lose the numbish sensation and starts to get a buzzing sensation, then a pressure sensation and that's when it can get sore. Around a 7/10 at its worst.

As i said, the lower 1st is both rct'd and crowned. I've had the numbing sensation top and bottom (only on gums and teeth, not the jaw) for around 2 years now. It wasn't always sore when the numbing sensation wore off, but it can get sore at times. It's why the upper 1st was removed as i had horrendous pressure pain for a couple of weeks then it went up to a 10/10 pain for 2 days.
Zero idea what is going on.

As I said, the numbing sensation feels like having those cotton wool things you guys use to slip between the teeth and cheeks to keep it dry when working on fillings etc. The endodontist last year said that could be the muscle. Top and bottom feels like i should have lumps on my gum, but nothing. The 3d x ray showed nothing either.
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