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Type of filling in a gold crown (resin composide? amalgam?)



Junior member
Apr 26, 2019
Hello everyone,

I hope someone can help me w/ this. I will try to be brief cause its a long story.

My second molar #15 upper left had a root canal improperly done -without a crown- in 2013 (Brazil).
This tooth has 4 roots, the doctor did only 2 correct, the third she broke an instrument inside and the fourth was missed!

Mid 2018 I started having pain on this tooth again, went to a dentist in Michigan and he didnt catch a thing on the x-rays. He recommended a crown because it didnt had one. I did a gold crown w/ him and had to adjust the bite about 4-5x times due pain that was still there. I felt scammed but eventually the pain went away.

Until it came back extremely painful this last week.

This time I went to good Odonto and he found out all this crazy stuff that was going on. I had to redo the root canal. He drilled throught the gold crown and perfectly removed the broken instrument and all the pus/bacteria on the fourth root (I could smell it, was disgusting). Redoing all 4 roots.

OK. finally fixed properly, he added a temporary filling (I guess this is normal) and sent me to a general dentist for a permanent filling. I did it right away -just 2 days after root canal procedure- and those are the pics of my gold crown with the final/permanent filling.

My question is:
Does this looks ok? which material is this? resin? is it strong enough for a molar w gold crown?

Reason of those questions is that I didnt felt much confidence on this doctor (I relocated so its a new dentist) she seemed to be learning and stopped for brief moments like she was thinking what to do next...

thank you!




Well-known member
Verified dentist
Jul 19, 2009
Miami, Fl
Nice picture so even if the top of the crown has a hole and looks rough as long as the margins are good and you don't have a food impaction problem then a repair filling would be fine. It could be composite or amalgam.