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Ulcer thingy/ soft pallet



Junior member
Jun 20, 2008
Hi there. I have a health anxiety, and dental phobia. I have been going to a very kind and understanding dentist for years now.and have confidence in her I have had loads of work done on my teeth and s lot of extractions . I have a partial plastic denture with some teeth for the top.i have noticed in the last few weeks that sometimes when I eat and when chewing I get a feeling of soreness on the righ side of my teeth. I had a look and got my husband to look and there was a small ulcer thingy on the soft pallet at the back of the soft pallet as far as your tongue can go.it goes away after a little while and then it comes back.a few days later or maybe a week, I have decided to stop eating crisps and rough crusts like toast to see if it is anything do with it. I have been leaving my top denture out a few times during the day and eating on the left side.as its really worrying me now as what it can be. My husband said it looked like a white yellow spot and later on he said it was red, it has gone now since last week..I saw my dentist in May but I don't think I had it then , I know at the end of the day I will have to go back to the dentist for her to look. At the area, I have been getting a lot of problems with my top teeth that remain and the bottom teeth as I have gum desease I Sensodyne toothpaste original as it helps with the sensitivity . I am scared this thing that comes and goes it something serious and it's not helping my phobia and anxiety any kind words or advice would be appreciated. Thankyou.
It sounds like a canker sore / ulcer. They can look extremely red as well as that white/yellow color. The common appearance is a white/yellow circle or oval surrounded by a bright red halo. It could be a result of your denture rubbing that spot a bit harder, exposure to sunlight, allergy to some chemical, or exposure to certain types of food. Some people just develop them randomly without any specific cause. If it is your denture causing it, it will need to be adjusted so it isn't rubbing the sore spot. If it is some other cause, it'll usually go away within two weeks maximum. Your dentist can prescribe a steroid cream if it happens frequently and is causing problems. If in doubt, have your dentist take a quick look and they can tell you for sure what is happening. Most likely nothing at all to worry about though!