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Ulcers 1 week post extractions/denture



Junior member
May 19, 2022
A week ago I had 10 extractions and top denture fitted. First few days nothing unexpected, tender but fine. But now I have several ulcers that are making it close to impossible to remove denture. Constant sharp, raw localised pain. Needing ibuprofen more now than ever. Still on mashed foods only. Takes me 15 mins of crying on the floor of the shower to get the stupid thing out for the night. Then repeat next morning to get it back in... Have been back to dentist twice (day 3 and day 5), dentist advised to get SM33 (numbing gel) to help with removal. Dentist reluctant to shave anything off denture as she says once my mouth settles it wont fit as well...How long will these ulcers last? I have to return to work and am feeling really down as it seems quite hopeless.
Get back to the dentist and ask them to adjust the denture, their excuse for not doing it is really silly.
just got all my teeth done 5 days ago ,got dentures but i can handle the lowers anymore they hurt so darn bad ,at night ny dentist says i have to wear them till next monday 10 days but i cant they hurt so bad and i have stitches everywhere that are coming out i can feel them ,i dont go in till monday again went in 2 times for her to file the dentures down they are grinding on my gums ,tonight i dont care im taking them out 5 hrs of sleep dosent cut it anymore ,has anyone had issues taking them out after days to sleep ,the tops dont hurt at all but the bottoms are hitting the stiches he did and it hurts like hell ,i need sleep i did try pain killer on the gums and tylenol and motrin but still wake up