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Ultrasonic/Ultrasound cleaning of exposed roots.



Junior member
Feb 6, 2012
I recently changed Dental plans to an HMO type. This meant I also had to choose a new dentist. For some 25yrs I had the same dentist. The hygienist used only hand tools, in cleaning my teeth, never an Ultrasonic device. Prior to this, (around 1978-79) I once had a hygienist use such a device to clean my teeth, and the tooth nerve pain sent me through the roof during the procedure. Now age 67, and far more exposed roots than back then, I have no desire to endure such pain again. My New dentist uses only the Ultrasonic device. Doesn't (as she put it) do manual cleaning. It's basically a cost saving issue, being the insurance plan pays little for routine cleanings. Has the device changed? Are there others that also complain of extreme teeth nerve pain during the use of this device on exposed roots?:cry:


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Mar 23, 2006
In My Dental Happy Place
Yes. You could ask them to turn the settings down maybe or get numbed up as the pain sounds like it is dentine sensitivity rather than gum pain which can be alleviated by gels.
Also some hygienists are simply much rougher than others regardless of whether they are using hand tools or the ultrasonic.
I would change if I were you and go back to your original practice. Why let an insurer dictate your care for the worse like that?

There have been some other recent threads on dental hygiene pain here recently if you do a search.