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Uncomfortable canine tooth filling near gumline



Junior member
Sep 21, 2017
Since I have had a filling done on the front of my canine tooth near the gum-line about two months ago, i've been experiencing continued discomfort from it. It feels as though the majority of this comes from how it feels against my upper lip as it rests on it. It feels smooth to the tongue but my lip picks up on it instantly as this rough and lumpy thing thats been attached to my tooth. Sometimes theres also a low-key ache like the filling is putting pressure on the tooth. I figured this would be something i'd experience initially and would pass over time, to the point where it would become indeterminable with the rest of the tooth but i'm concerned that its now been around two months since i've had it done and i'm still experiencing these symptoms. I'm also worried about the long term implications of having a filling done here.

I've since been to see my dentist about it recently since the filling was done and she said she couldn't find anything wrong with the filling and refused to adjust it, instead referring me to a "root canal" specialist for advice. This didn't fill me with much confidence and I'm unconvinced this specialist is going to be of much help. The thought of just having to live with it concerns me deeply as it's something i'm finding very difficult to ignore. I suffer from depression and anxiety (which I am currently getting help for) and so it is causing me a great deal of emotional distress.

I'm not used to discussing this type of thing in internet forums so theres something about writing about my dental problems on the internet for strangers with only a vague description of my issues to go on to go on that feels a bit risky and redundant. But I feel its gotten to the point where i'm feeling a bit desperate and in need of some kind of friendly support from possibly those who can relate to what i'm experiencing. Thanks.
Hi :welcome:to the forum.

If this filling is still giving you problems, is there another dentist you could see at the practice you attend. The filling could be smoothed down a bit so it doesn't feel so rough on your lip. This could be causing it to feel pressured. Usually if a filling is a bit high it can cause this feeling but as yours is on the gum line that shouldn't make you feel like this.

It could be that the tooth may need a rct, that is why your dentist has referred you I would think. I would either ask to see another dentist at the practice you go to, or go to a different dentist all together somewhere else. They dentist that did the filling won't know unless you have further treatment on the tooth and if they did if you got the problem sorted it wouldn't matter. I don't know why they haven't smoothed it for you.

I understand how low our teeth can make us feel especially if we are feeling down to begin with. This will get sorted and there is a solution to your problem it sometimes just needs another dentist to step in. Try not to allow this to effect you any more than it has already.

All the best to you, let us know how you get on. We are here to offer support and encouragement so feel free to come on and express how you feel without fear of being judged, we have all had dental anxiety and we understand how you feel. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::butterfly: