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Unprofessional dentist/staff to say the least !!



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Aug 25, 2007

I don't really know what to do, but I feel so angry.

Last week, I visited my dentist, (who is a lovely person) and while I was in the waiting room, a man, who obviously had mental/learning difficulties had just had a filling done. He asked at the desk to make an appointment for 6 months time, he appeared to be a little distressed but generally ok, he asked to specifically see the same dentist, a man, again as he felt better with him. The 'Receptionist' who looked about 18 years of age, said that was impossible as he 'was just a locum' so he must see her, apparently she said she was a dentist just covering for reception !! or another female dentist. He reluctantly agreed to see her but appeared upset by the news. He was a middle aged man, who had his elderley mother with him. Sitting in reception, I heard, and so did a few others around me, this 'dentist' and fellow receptionist making dreadful fun of his mental disability and ridiculing him as he left the surgery. I felt totally disgusted as the comments were barely supressed and this poor soul had obvious disabilities.

Is there any authority to complain to regarding this totally unnaceptable behaviour ? It left me feeling that do these stupid women laugh as I leave the surgery knowing I have a dental phobia ?
Stuff like this makes me so so angry!! :mad:

I don't know if you can complain to an authority (in charge of dentists in the area I can't remember the name of it) but I would try and I would make a complaint to whoever is the manager of the dentist surgery I would also mention it to your dentist next time you go! But then I am very forward in what I say, I know not everyone is comfortable with that. Like you say, what are they saying about other people! People can be so cruel. I hope you manage to voice your concerns to someone.
How truly abominable for supposed professionals to not only belittle/demean a patient but to do so publically! Inexcusable. Hindsight is 20/20 of coursem but I have to agree with Annie, that I, too, would have said something right then and there. However, that is over and done with. Good for you for wanting to do so now! I'd suggest trying to document as best you can recall exactly what was said/ideally by whom (I generally do not care for finger pointing but this is different), making sure either your nice dentist or the person in charge of the practice receives it asap.