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unsure If pain is from the ligament or fracture



Junior member
Feb 24, 2021
Hi, so grateful to have found this forum. It has really helped to read other people’s experiences with dental procedures.

I have a terrible fear of the dentist although due to getting a lot of work done recently this is getting a little better.

I recently had some old amalgam fillings removed and replaced with crowns and white composite fillings. The amalgam fillings had been in my mouth for 25 years or more and were started to break etc. I plucked up the courage to go to a dentist to get this work done as they recommended that I would only have more problems if I didn’t get the work done.

During the replacement of the fillings I ended up needing root canals in three teeth. I was seen by an endodontist as I have previously had failed root canal which resulted in the tooth being extracted and my dentist thought this would give me a better chance at saving the tooth. Two of the root canals have been completed. They did however take a very long time to heal, months. The third tooth has had the first part of a root canal done. It was causing me horrendous pain so the endodontist said to leave finishing the treatment until it settles down. We have left this tooth for months and many times I have come close to getting it extracted due to pain.

The pain is now mostly a dull ache and is sore when you tap the tooth. Not a sharp pain just tender really. My worry is that their could be a fracture although the endodontist couldn’t see anything in the xrays but said it’s possible.

I am due to get the root canal finished in just over a week. I am in such a dilemma as of what to do. I’m scared if it’s a crack that’s not seen and I complete the root canal and crown the tooth I could have an infection from the crack which would result in bone loss so an implant could not be possible in the future. Would I even be aware of an infection with no nerves in the tooth?

The added cost of these procedures is a worry too. It’s frustrating to pay out for root canal treatment, crowns and then maybe having to extract the tooth. The cost already has increased significantly due to needing three root canals.

Just to add my dentist is currently making me a night guard as she feels that the pain could be aggravated by Clenching which I am aware I do at times. Could the pain be ligament pain due to clenching? Would this make the tooth tender if you tapped on it.

Many thanks to anyone taking the time to read this. I appreciate any advice anyone can give. ?
It sounds like the dentist/endo are managing things as well as can be expected. It's certainly possible that clenching is making things worse for you so a mouthguard is a good idea.
The endo dude can check for cracks with their microscope when they're doing the next stage of your root canal. Yes, you'd still be aware of infection with no nerve in the tooth.
Thank you for your reply Gordon. That sounds reassuring. I will go ahead and have the second part of the root canal.

Just wondered would a bruised ligament continue to hurt for months. The pain comes and goes. I find it’s mostly after eating. Sorry to add another question. ?
Well it depends on why it's bruised really... if the cause hasn't been removed then of course it'll continue to hurt :)
Ok, that make sense. Thank you for your reply Gordon. ?