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Unsure What to do- Please Help



Junior member
Jul 13, 2013
I will try to make this as brief as possible, but my long history of dental problems may not allow it. I have been plagued by dental problems my entire life. I think that all but two of my baby teeth had to pulled because the roots failed to dissolve and they would not loosen on their own. Eventually, after years of treatment and waiting, all of my adult teeth were in although horribly aligned. Some of upper teeth were up in the gumline. Around the age of eighteen, I did get braces which fixed the teeth's appearance but my bite is still not right. At that time, exrays were done and the orthodontist informed that I should never have my lower wisdom teeth removed because they were so badly impacted and in line with a nerve. Due to a problem with a filling, I was all set to have my very back upper molar pulled. I thought I could handle it until the oral surgeon slapped the exray up and started crossing out teeth. He said the lower wisdom teeth on the bottom would have to be removed in addition to the molar in front of the wisdom tooth on the left side. That is about all I remember because I had a panic attack and started crying. Thank goodness for my husband. Of course, I went back to my dentist with information and he stands by not removing the lower wisdom teeth. I am left with a chunk of broke off molar in the meantime and I am so confused. I do not understand this assessment and now I am scared that if I don't take action things will get worse. Any advice would be appreciated. The teeth nightmares have started again and I cannot sleep well.:cry:
Hi :welcome: to the forum :)

Could you go back to the oral surgeon and explain what the dentist told you and ask him to explain to you how he thinks the wisdom tooth can be removed without any lasting effects to you.

I would think the surgeon would be more than qualified to do it whilst being aware of how near to the nerve it is, they deal with the wisdoms and problems that maybe a dentist isn't used to dealing with.

I would go back and talk this through and maybe he will be able to put your mind at rest, if he wasn't confident that you would be okay I doubt he would consider doing it. He will be aware of your situation with the wisdom as x rays have been taken.

I know once something has been said like this to us, it is very hard to get it out of our heads, but do discuss with the os.

Good luck :clover::clover::clover:
Thank you Carole for your helpful advice. It is so nice to talk with someone who understands my fear. I went ahead and scheduled the oral surgery for the end of August and I have an appointment with my dentist in the meantime. I am hoping that the dentist can go over my exrays at that time. They will be able to put me out for the surgery so that will help. I am not looking forward to having four teeth removed, but I trust my dentist. (This is the first time that I have met this oral surgeon but I was sent to him via my dentist's referral). I will have to update you as I go through this process, but I really appreciate your help.:)
I had all four of my wisdom teeth out when I was thirty over 20 years ago, I felt sore and swollen after but I was given some antibiotics and pain meds and in the first three days were the worst, the day after I still felt numbed kind of but the day after that I started feeling pain in my jaw. Nothing was unbearable and it was in no way as bad as the pain I had suffered before. So to me it felt much better to have it out of the way.

I was terrified before but I was given a GA and they were lovely I didn't feel anything or know anything about it until it was over. I felt very tired and slept the rest of the day and night, you will need someone to be there for you, but your husband will be there so you will be fine.

I did have some jaw stiffness after as well but like I said the pain beforehand was much worse, I think if you think that you may feel some discomfort for a couple of weeks and be prepared for that then it won't be as scary. It did take some time for me to feel like I had complete control of my tongue and I did have some numbness in my bottom chin and lips and things did feel a bit strange until I got used to the change in my mouth. My wisdoms were impacted but I had something else done and I had stitches, which I never felt, they just came out on their own too.

You are feeling the worst you are going to feel right now, I always find that the stress and worry I put myself through is the worst, I am surprised I have never had a heart attack.

All the best to you, I look forward to hearing how you get on :clover::clover::clover::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:
Thank you so much for your insight. I am actually not experiencing any pain right now other than the broken back molar on the upper left. I forgot to mention before that the os did indicate that he saw a pocket of fluid and a cyst around the impacted lower right wisdom- a little scary and completely unexpected too. I am worried about losing the molar in front of the wisdom tooth on the bottom left, but, considering that the one above it will be gone as well, I do not suppose that it will affect my ability to chew in the long run. In total I will also have four removed- the two lower wisdoms, one lower molar and one upper ( the upper wisdoms came in and were pulled several years ago). Your experience with temporary numbness and what to expect post op sets my mind at ease as well. It is always easier to go in knowing what to expect and I think that the worst part for me is being blindsided by things. I will try to set all this aside for awhile because I still have a long wait, but you cannot begin to know how much you have helped. :)
I always find that if I know what to expect after treatment it helps a lot and I don't get worried about the after effects. I think you will be fine, enjoy the nice weather and try not to stress too much. Like you say I hope you can put it out of your mind for a bit until nearer the time.

I wish you all the best :butterfly: