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Upcoming appointment after not taking good care of my teeth for over a year



Junior member
Jul 3, 2023
I have an appointment coming up soon and I am super terrified they are going to mess up my mouth or judge me. I have been really depressed recently and my oral hygiene has been really shit. I have been running into issues such as loose-ish teeth a small ache that is really scaring me and I am terrified my gums have started to recede. I threw up yesterday thinking about going. I am scared my teeth are unfixable and that if I go they are going to judge me and or remove all of my teeth. I am terrified. Can someone help me clear my mind a little on if my teeth are fixable or do you think the dentist is going to half to pull them all. I am 17 if that helps determine. I am sorry I am just scared of going and I need something to make me feel better
This comes up so many times on here, we've even got a FAQ about it but nobody ever reads it :thumbsup:

It's extremely unlikely that you've managed to do so much damage in a year that your teeth are not fixable. Gum issues take decades to become a big problem and you're only 17.

Please don't make yourself ill over something that isn't going to happen.
This comes up so many times on here, we've even got a FAQ about it but nobody ever reads it
It would have been a few years ago now, and I can see it's been updated (great video by the way!), but I read this and it really did help. I lurked on the website for ages before joining, reading all the FAQs etc. Even though it still took a long time before I made an appointment, all of the posts and advice to others contributed to me getting started. So thank you!

@MariaCarlson , the anxiety of not knowing will be so much worse than the reality. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.