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Upcoming dental appointment


Rachael scared

Junior member
May 4, 2024
I went to the dentist after quite a few years of not going, the dentist did X-rays straight away and barely looked in my mouth. I am booked in to go back for fillings, I’m not exactly sure which teeth are being filled, the teeth at the back have massive holes but don’t really hurt, a tooth nearer the front has a smaller hole but I literally can’t eat on that side of my mouth because of the pain but I’m not even sure if the dentist is treating that tooth, I was to scared to ask. Does this sound like how a appointment should be? Last time I went I had a check up and came away with a bit of paper that said what was going to be treated, have things changed that much? I’m so nervous that I’m doing all this and the painful tooth might not even be treated? Just to add two of the back teeth had fillings before, the fell out ages ago and most of the teeth has broken off, I’m concerned how they can be filled really.
We recently switched to a new dentist because our bupa surgery closed, our new one doesn't give the paper copy of what treatments you're having, it's on the computer now and I had to sign on an ipad.

If you're in pain then I'd say tell the dentist when you go for your appt and see if they can address the painful teeth first.

Dentist can do all sorts with restorative treatments these days so try not to worry
Yes I signed on the iPad, no idea what it said. I just feel so unnerved not knowing what is being done, she said one of the back teeth she will try drilling but it may be too deep and will discuss options with me then but other than that I feel I a bit confused!
But yes I will have to try and say about the tooth that hurts,it’s only if I try eating with it, rest of time it’s ok! The checkup was so quick which was strange, literally just done on X-rays no examination.
Hello Rachael,
You can request a copy of your treatment plan including a breakdown of costs. Maybe you can call/email the practice to discuss your next visit so you can be prepared. Usually we would focus on getting the patient out of pain or work on the hygiene side before tackling the fillings.
@Rachael scared, it does sound very strange not to have an examination other than x-rays during your checkup appointment :confused:. In the normal way, dentists would check your gum health during a check up by using a probe... from what you're saying, it almost sounds as if this wasn't done?