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Update from dental visit: Still concerned



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Oct 26, 2022
Hi, so this is my update.

My initial dental visit had me worried if I had periodental disease and that I feared I would lose my teeth and how it would affect me in the future. My recent dental visit confirmed that I didn't have periodontal disease but a bad case of gingivitis which my dentist confirmed - is reversible. :)

She still suggests that I use interdental brushes. However, I had been struggling to push it through the top front six teeth. It extremely hurts and the brushes keep bending rather than fitting through.

I used to use floss but she said that it isn't good enough; to persevere through the pain. However, no matter how much I push through... my last attempt led to blood gushing from my gums on to the mirror just short of a meter away.

I'm worried that I'll continue to keep bleeding and constantly need to buy interdental brushes which aren't cheap. A pack of 7 lasts me about 2 week because the bristles fray from having to be forceful. I'm finding it difficult with the dental up-keep because it hurts so much and I can not get the brush all the way through. :(
@MysteryK Have you considered getting an opinion on this from a periodontist? I was told by a general dentist that a periodontist can advise you much better about gum problems than a general dentist, and am considering getting a consultation with one myself about my gum issues. Maybe they would have a different idea for you about how to clean.
@NervousUSA That could be an option. Although I would probably have to be referred to one. My next appointment is with a hygienist however. I am not entirely sure as to how it will go though perhaps they might know something. My X-rays at the time were clear, so I would like to believe that my teeth are okay. The gums are the main issue. Though it is extremely sensitive at the top of my gums due to gum disease. :s The gap between my teeth is very small as I use the 0.45mm interdental brushes. But even that I am finding it difficult.
@MysteryK I was going to say that the hygienist will be able to help you on this one. You can get smaller brushes at 0.4mm, so you might want to try those. Are the ones you use orange? You need the pink ones, they are the smallest. I've never been able to get on with them either. I think it's the wire in them. Makes them very painful and you bleed more. Plus it's hard to get them through between certain teeth and they get bent out of shape. However, you did say you used to floss- does that mean you haven't for a while? If so then your gums will bleed once you start again but it will settle down eventually. Once you've seen the hygienist and had a proper clean things might be more comfortable for you. I think what I would do, if you have just started to floss again after a break, is to go back to normal floss for a while until your gums settle down and things aren't as painful. I struggled with flossing for years until I hit on the glide floss picks. They are so much easier to use. I know you need to use the brushes because of your particular problem, but these could be a stop gap to use for a few days until your gums aren't as sore, then you can try the brushes again. A hygienist might be able to help you with technique as well if you explain the problems you're having.
You could try a waterpik as well maybe. Basically anything is better than nothing at this stage, until you get to a point when the brushes don't cause you so much bother.
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@KittyKat Thanks. Those could work also. Yes, I'm using the orange ones presently. So perhaps the pink ones may work better for some teeth as they constantly bend. I didn't used to floss until I started using the interdental brushes. But I flossed in the areas where the gaps were too tight.

However, my dentist specifically said that floss isn't good enough and that I must use the brushes as floss isn't clearing it. She tried to show me by pushing the brush between my upper front teeth as I bleed a lot, but even she had difficulty. I tried again once at home but my blood just sprayed on the mirror just short of a meter away. Not great. Floss would be great for me as I can get it to fit but my dentist emphasised the point that it isn't good enough. :s Though I could gradually work my way up until it doesn't hurt. Thanks. :)
@MysteryK Definitely try the pink ones, they might make all the difference. Hopefully you'll be able to get to a stage when you can use them and they don't hurt as much. I'm sure the bleeding will settle down but you dont want to be hurting yourself unnecessarily. It would be better if they didnt have the wire in I think but not sure if they come without. I think the hygienist will be able to advise you better than the dentist and help you more. Good luck.

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