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Junior member
Mar 27, 2017
I wrote last week as I am looking for a dentist in Scottish Borders. Since then I have phoned 2 & gone into 1 to make enquiries. No appointments till at least April....with waiting lists & I am told I will have to pay the consultation fee to meet & chat to a dentist. ,( some fees are extortionate) One practice did not get back to me on this as they said they would. The practices have multiple dentists & I don't get the feeling I can choose one but will be given whoever has space. It's all very daunting & stressful to manage.
Does anyone have experience or know of Teviot Dental or North Bridge Dental (the pain free dentist) clinic in Hawick or Infinity Blue or Bank St Dental in Galashiels,......or anywhere else.... preferably with a named dentist who could work with an extremely nervous patient. Thank you.
Hi @Annica, did you manage to find a suitable dentist since posting here, or could you do with some help?