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Upper Front Teeth Bridge



Hi all. This is my story.Over the last few years I have been told that I needed dentures because I had ground down my teeth really badly. So last year I got to the point where I got very depressed over my appearance and I started researching dentists. As luck would have it, I found one directly across the street from me. They did the diagnosis and basically said that I needed 6 new upper front teeth. For all the work which included root canals, the price came to a little above 10 grand.They said that I needed to come up with half of it first before they would proceed which I thought was fair. Well I gave it a few months, saved up the money and made my appointment. The dentist and his whole team are the nicest bunch of people you could ask for and they started the work. I started getting nervous when they started carving away at what was left of my front teeth.They fitted me for a 6 tooth upper dental bridge and I was overjoyed.However, as time went on,my happiness was replaced by fear and dread as I proceeded to ruin 3 bridges. The first time I asked the dentist about a gap in my front teeth and he immediatly took pictures and said that he was going to fit me for a new pair. He never blamed me which I appreciated. A week or so later he fit me with a temp pair until my perms came in but a few days after I was eating a bagel and they popped out at my desk at work which was embarrassing. I went back and they reglued them in. A few weeks later my perms came in but as soon as he put them in he wasnt happy with the fit, sent them back to the lab and put the temps back in. As the weeks went on, twice the temps fell out again but this time, instead of the whole brige, 2 teeth became unglued. So time comes for my new perms and they go in great. I forgot to mention that along with my first set, he fitted me with a night guard which costed me a cool $700! I admit, I didnt wear them much the first time around because I kept getting a gagging feeling when I would wake up in the middle of the night. Im sure that they fell apart because of my grinding but I never admitted to my dentist that I wasnt wearing them. Anyway, my latest set of perms were put in and I asked if he could immediately put permanent glue instead of the temp glue he used prior. He agreed and I went home happy. The only issue was that for each set of perms, he had to refit me for a new nightguard. I had an appointmnt to pick up my new nightguard but I had to cancel because of a late night at work. As luck would have it only a few nights after I was supposed to have my new guard, I woke up one morning to find two of the teeth came apart and were sitting in my mouth. I must have ground them right out of the bridge. I went into panic mode because the dentist had said at my last visit to be careful because "you know what your mouth is capable of" meaning that my grinding could ruin these too. I had to make the uncomfortable call to my dentist that these too had come out. I half expected him to put his foot down and say enough is enough and that I would have to pay again for anymore bridges and he probably would be in the right. When the day came for my visit, he did express frustration that this kept happening but he again went through the process of fitting me for a new set, this time with a metal band in the back.So for the next 2 and a half weeks I actually started sleeping in an upright position with my nightguard to prevent grinding( I had heard that sleeping upright is one one way to stop grinding) and I have to say from what I could tell, it seemed to work because there were no issues whatsoever. I also began eating strictly on the right side of my mouth which is what he recommended. So 2 days ago, my new set with the band comes in but my current night guard doesnt even come close to fitting it so he made some huge modifications to it so that I could wear it until me new one came in. In just one day,my latest set didnt break,but just came unglued again. I called them the next day and they said to come back and have them reglued which they did as they said my bite was off. So here I am now and as of today my teeth appear to be strongly in place. I know they are not yet permanently glued in yet but so far so good. I know this is a long rant, but I needed to get this off my chest.
Thanks for listening
John in NJ!


Super Moderator
Staff member
Sep 18, 2017
Hi and welcome John, wow.. I have read your story several times but still wasn't able to count how many times you had to come back to get your bridge in! :scared: However, glad to hear that it seems to stay in place now. Hope your new night guard comes in very soon.. I am wondering how you can get on with sleeping upright, that doesn't sound like the most comfortable thing to do... how long are you going to keep this?

Glad to hear you have found a good dentist.. and even directly across the street, that's a dream!
So congrats and well done, may the bridge hold and the night guard be ok too.

All the best wishes and keep us posted:)