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Upper lateral incisor RCT



Well-known member
Oct 13, 2022
So I need to have an upper lateral incisor taxidermied. Because basically that's what I've told myself a root canal is. The nerve is (mostly?) dead and living on life support or is a zombie, either way I should logically deal with it with a root canal.

If incisors are supposed to be easy and quick why do I need a 2 hr appointment block? (Obviously I'd rather her be very thorough and make sure it's as cleaned out as possible.) Is the nerve jumble in the upper teeth really just that much more messy? I've had a RC before (almost 30 yrs ago and barely remember that) and presumably dentistry for root canals has advanced substantially in that time.

Am I just reading too much doom and gloom into the 2 hr appointment block or are all those fantastic colorful banners for 30 min root canals just an elaborate lie?
Generally laterals are among the easier root canals to do but...
Laterals can have nasty little kinks at the top of the canal, so they can take a little bit longer to get the last few mm cleaned out. You also need to allow a bit of time for the irrigation liquids to clean out and sterilise any little accessory canals off the main canal.
I'd rather go to somebody who took the time to do the job right than somebody knocking it out in short order...
@Gordon thanks for replying. You're right. It mentally feels like a huge weight to take longer but it does beat the alternative. I have an idea about how thorough she likes to be since she did my fillings. Ok I feel a bit better knowing she probably just really wants to make sure it's as thorough as possible.