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Upper molar extraction success!



Junior member
Mar 25, 2021
United States
Hey everybody,

So, I made a post here a couple weeks ago about a tooth extraction I had coming up and how nervous I was about it. I was panicking pretty hard. For what it's worth, it was my upper left molar (number 15, I think) Needless to say, in the ensuing two weeks, that nervousness never really went away. Well, today was the day and I survived!

For anyone who sees this post and has an extraction coming up, I promise you that it's nowhere near as bad as you think it's going to be. The only part of the entire procedure I'd call at all 'bad' was the first injection (I'd give it a 2/10 on the pain scale), but it was entirely bearable. The actual extraction, there was no pain, but tons of a pressure (feels kind of like if you take your thumb and press it against the top of your mouth). It's doesn't hurt, it just feels a bit weird. I heard the tooth coming out (it sounds a lot like a tree branch breaking) and all done. The numbing took probably about 20-30 mins and and the actual extraction took maybe 5 mins.

Overall, if I had another extraction coming up, I wouldn't be worried at all. Super easy, total piece of cake.