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Upper molar extraction



Junior member
Nov 11, 2022
Listening to my friends experience of her extraction a couple of years ago stays fresh in my mind . I will not reiterate it as it is depressing.

Hello I suffered great with dental anxiety back in my 20s. I actually overcame it after getting an extraction of the lower right molar and having a crown fitted on the other side of my mouth . My confidence grew but in 2020 after having renal failure & hyperkalima I was given these awful drinks in hospital because I couldn’t keep anything down I wasn’t eating either . These drinks were dextrose because o couldn’t brush my teeth I ended up with a hole in the tooth .

The dentist said it was a deep filling so she did it , it actually felt “ different “ from the offset but she said the material is softer so it will feel different .

Then last Christmas Eve my mouth swelled up and my eye , I couldn’t eat . A&E couldn’t help so back at the dentist in the new year she told me I could have a crack in the tooth - after the XRay ??? Later discovered that the filling hasn’t been done right as she left some of the decay in the tooth and refilled it . So now it needs to be pulled out !

I would rather die than go through this , I know that sounds extreme but I can’t go through with it!
I have heart failure , kidney issues , RA and osteoporosis. So cannot have sedation I can’t go through a local anesthetiser.

Can anyone advise me please 🙉
I've had an extraction, lower molar, and I'm like to have an upper molar and front tooth adjacent extraction and I promise you, it is nowhere near as bad as you think. I said it to someone else but the worst bit was when I bit the nurse by accident.

It's a lot of pressure and tugging but it's not long. I know it feels impossible but you've done so much in your life already and I promise you this is nothing compared to that.
Thank you for your wise words it does help. I’ve had a lower extraction and that was absolutely fine . No bother at all , it helped that the dentist was lovely and calming .
I was in a lot of pain that day too ~

My friend had the same tooth done as I have got to get done, her account was different to put it nicely .

I’m glad you had a pleasant experience thank you for your encouragement x
Hi there. I had a wisdom tooth extract not so long ago (about 3 weeks ago actually) local anesthesia only. It was quicker than the lower one. The next day wasn't so bad. I had to make sure I slept upright to avoid swelling. I took 600mg of ibuprofen every 8 hours and took some acetaminophen to top it off if it got achey. Eating was a challenge but after a week it didn't cause so much panic. The whole process took less than an hour. Just trust that you'll definitely be able to tell your dentist if it hurts. It should not hurt. Just a dull disconnected pressure. Best of luck and I hope some of what I said helps put you at ease.
@Bubblefish I'm so sorry you're having a tough time. While I can't speak for an extraction, I have had a couple of deep fillings without any anaesthetic and I got through it just fine. Make sure your dentist is aware of your medical history and fears around this procedure. They will be much more careful and gentle knowing they're working without anaesthetic. Good luck. I hope it all goes well for you.
Thank you Emily85

I’ll definitely need something to help me with the extraction I cannot have sedatation as my medical needs won’t allow it . How brave you are having a deep filling without anesthetiser your pain threshold must be very high . I had a deep filling in the tooth that need extracting. Wow 😮
Thank you for your kind words xxx