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Upper partial dentures



Mar 10, 2015
Any help would be really appreciated I've been coping with 3 teeth on the left and 1 on the right missing of my upper teeth but the dentist wants me to wear a partial upper denture but every time I put it in I gag constantly anim just not coping I don't know how to get round it and help please I'm at my wits end thanks

I So get the feeling and it happened to me a bit on my redo of my lower partial, very gaggy and I just could not do it.. I ended up going and getting a different type of partial (dentist redid it at minimal cost) and it was fine after that.. What kind of partial did you get and have you contacted your dentist and let them know how it is for you ? It is indeed VERY frustrating and disheartening situation! sorry you have to go through it!
It's not that big it's a horse shoe shape I just can't do it and my husband isn't helping matters as he's getting angry with me about it as he has full upper and lower dentures and he doesn't gag and never did
Maybe there is some way they can adjust it so it doesn't bother you so much? I'm sure your dentist would not want you to suffer and not be able to use it.. Can you call to discuss it with them?