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Upper partial to full upper denture! Questions!



Junior member
Jun 30, 2012
I have a few questions. With my current partial, I can take it out and rinse it after meals for the food that gets stuck under it. When I go to a full upper, and I'm using adhesive, which will probably be necessary becuz it will be an immediate, how do i rinse out after eating? Do i just leave the food up there all day? Or do I have to rinse it out and reapply the adhesive?

Any other tips in getting used to a full upper denture, let me know. I will be extracting my 7 remaining uppers to go to full upper denture.

If you really need to use fix, then you'd need to rinse and reapply. You might not need it though, it isn't always necessary with a full upper denture, even an immediate.