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Upper right molar extraction



Junior member
Jun 15, 2022
Hi all!

I am new to the forum but have been reading a lot of useful experiences here. I thought I would be okay but as my appointment is tomorrow, the nerves are now kicking in!!

Going back a few years, I had really bad tooth pain while I was on holiday in the States. I had to visit a dentist there and they suggested a root canal with an extremely high price tag. So I chose to instead take the antibiotics prescribed and wait until I got back to the U.K.

The swelling and pain was virtually nonexistent by the time I got back to England. I went to my dentist who booked me in for a root canal. Everything went well.

Fast forward a few years and I kept getting swelling and infections. The dentist said he can not prescribe anymore antibiotics, therefore tooth needs to go.

Unfortunately, he said he recommends it be removed by an oral surgeon as the tooth has a root canal with a kinked root. ( I keep hearing about curved root but never kinked). I asked him about it and he showed me the x-ray with one of my roots having a kink. I am really nervous about any type of sedation and asked will it be possible to remove with local anaesthetic. Which he said yes. He also mentioned he can try extracting the tooth but my roots are very brittle due to the root canal. Therefore, if the root cracks while trying to remove the tooth. I will have to wait for an oral surgeon the remove it or he books me in with an oral surgeon and they can remove the tooth and if the root breaks they have the equipment there and then to remove it.

I opted to wait for the oral surgeon and not really been worried about it until now I have an appointment for tomorrow due to a cancellation. The receptionist that called confirmed if I wanted local anaesthetic which I agreed to.

Sorry about the long boring explanation 🤪.
1. So my fear is that the oral surgeon will say I need a sedation which I am completely afraid of. Does anyone have any experience removing the top right molar with a kinked root?

2. Is it a difficult task for the oral surgeon to extract this tooth as the dentist was 50/50 about him removing it.

3. If the root does crack or break while extracting the tooth. Can the oral surgeon carry on with local anaesthetic or will things change for the worse ?

Sorry once again for the long life story!

Thank you
1) No they won't. Yes lots of times.
2) No it's very straightforward
3) Yes. No.
@Gordon Thank you. Appreciate your reply. It has made me much more confident.
Thank you for asking nice clear questions, it makes it so much easier to answer.