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Upper right wisdom extraction - scared



Junior member
Apr 28, 2014
i have an appointment to have my upper wisdom tooth extracted. It's fully out and has a straight pointy root.
Problem is i have a fear of the dentist, needles and blood.
It is cracked on one edge but i have no pain - yet!
I just need a bit of reassurance on what to expect during the procedure:
*process of extraction
*any "pain/pressure"
*healing process
I'm uk and my dentist is doing it on Wednesday (30th). I'll be numbed via injection.
Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the non-existent words of support guys
These boards aren't very helpful. I feel ya. I need 2 wisdoms out too. And from what I know, that should be easy since it's erupted !!!
Im sorry that you didn't have much support ive only just seen your post as I come on here at times when im having to go to the dentist and look for some support myself im sorry I cant tell you anything about what you will have done but I for 1 would love to no how it went as you went to have this today .
Hi, just to let you know it went ok, it took longer for the injection to work than the extraction! Took approx 20mins start to finish. Because i went through with it i treated myself to The Hobbit on DVD which i watched after with a nice cold milk shake. Yes i was scared, yes it was a weird experience (the noise was the worst bit) but i survived it!
I have to have the other side done at some point but that can wait till i have problems with it.
I'm just trying to keep it clean with warm salt water. I have tried to eat soft stuff but gave in and had burger and chips tonight. It was fine.
All in all it was a pretty straight forward extraction for me with very mild pain, but that's due to the healing process.
Good luck to whoever requires a similar extraction. It really isn't too bad once you get in the chair. I know i will "panic" the next time but i know i'm in safe hands as i trust my dentist.