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Upper wisdom extracted under IV sedation- success!!!



Junior member
Sep 19, 2023
I really wanted to tell you all my experience as reading all of yours was sooooo helpful!

I had my upper wisdom tooth taken out yesterday and it was an absolute BREEZE.

I have always been a bit nervous of the dentist but it has gotten worse over the years to the point where I am in tears just sitting in the chair. When I was told my wisdom tooth was very decayed and needed to come out, I was so terrified! She thankfully referred me to a dentist that offered sedation and I waited for about 3 months.

In that time a big chunk of that tooth broke off and I worried that it would be more difficult to extract but thankfully it wasn’t at all

I arrived with my husband a little too early and had a good 25 minute wait which didn’t help. I was keeping calm on the surface but when the lady came out and called my name I started crying. She walked me in and was unbelievably patient and kind (as was the dentist) I was super scared of being sick from the panic and/or the sedation but they put me at ease about that too.
They took my blood pressure and attached something that checked my pulse and asked me to lay back. I was struggling with basic instructions at this point and was in full blown panic mode. But I remember him asking me to make a fist and clench (I think he was trying to find a vein)
Anyway, he found one…popped the needle in (barely a scratch) and then asked me to lie back again which I was able to do this time.

A few seconds later i just felt heavier and lighter all at the same time! Lovely feeling, not scary at all. I vaguely remember the injection to numb inside but that was also barely a scratch. The next thing is them saying it was done!

I really was skeptical even after reading through all these stories but it genuinely truly is as easy as they all say. It flew by too. Barely any memory at all!

Afterwards they just let me lay down a bit and then asked me to walk a few steps and then I was going home!

Slept for an hour when I got back and then had some warm soup.

The hardest thing for me has been trying not to vape and I’ll be honest, I have been useless! But I am trying to be careful and having the airflow way up and trying to vape without closing my lips around it.

I got some pain about 3am and took paracetamol and it’s eased off a lot throughout today.

Lots of tasting blood which isn’t nice and I can’t really open my mouth very much at all so yawning is difficult! But apart from that, it’s been ok!!

Honestly, I would have that whole thing done again tomorrow. It was a walk in the park.
Hey, congrats and well done! :jump::jump::jump:Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Wishing you a speedy recovery!