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Upper wisdom tooth removal



Junior member
Feb 5, 2019
Hi All,
i joined this group a few years back as always had a huge fear of the dentist after having 2 bad experiences as a child with my teeth, back in 2018 i had my front teeth repaired root fillings and crowns, but it took me 19 years to go to the dentist,

then in lock down march my back tooth snapped off so only half there, and rest is below gum line, so I went to my dentist a few weeks ago, hoping to see her, only to be informed she has left, now I'm panicking because i don't like change, but was in so much pain i had to see someone, which happened to be just as nice as the first dentist, i did explain that I'm really nervous of dentist, and she clamed me down, but did explain that it is my wisdom tooth needs to come out and she said it looks easy to do, and would only need 30 mins.

she did say i can wait for 8 to 9 weeks to have it out in hospital, or she said i wont feel anything with local, so im booked in tomorrow, but if honest so nervous its un true, i haven't slept for 4 days worrying about it, and keep thinking of cancelling it, just don't know what to do,

sorry for the long message, but this group helped me last time.

Hi wezst and welcome back :)

I was relieved to read that your new dentist is as nice as the old one. You were very brave to tell them about your anxiety and it sounds like they looked after you really well.

but if honest so nervous its un true, i haven't slept for 4 days worrying about it, and keep thinking of cancelling it, just don't know what to do,

If I got you right, your not knowing what to do is about your not knowing whether to cancel? Or how to cope with your anxiety right now? Sorry to read you haven't slept for 4 days, it sounds like this is really bothering you. On the other hand: this is what makes us phobic, right? We have an appointment, we know nothing can happen, we know we will be fine but we still have this crippling anxiety and we just don't want to do it. If you cancelled, the anxiety would go away, right? It's just that the problem would stay..

Is there anything particular you are worried about?
HI thank you for replying, sorry think i may need to re word it, but completely all over the place at the moment with the thought of tomorrow, at the moment im worrying about what will go wrong and how long it will take to get the tooth out, and the fact i havent had one removed before, so very nervous about this,
I had an upper wisdom tooth out a few years ago. My situation was a bit different because I was given an after hours appointment due to pain, and the tooth was whipped out on the spot, so I didn’t have time to worry!

My experience was this:

5.15 - got in the chair, had a chat, dentist examined me and said she recommended taking the tooth out
5.20 - I got numbed up, and she asked if I could feel anything sharp (no). I need the nurse to hold my hand during injections, but immediately after that my dentist sent her off home
5.20 and 30 seconds - dentist asked if I wanted to see the tooth - what? I have honestly taken longer to take a lid off a jam jar!
5.25 - I arranged with reception to call the next day and pay over the phone because everything was shut down for the day already
7.00 - eating dinner normally, took a couple of painkillers before bed, then went to work as usual in the morning.

My dentist told me upper wisdom teeth gave short, cone shaped roots, so they are very easy to remove. Good luck!
Thank you for your reply, you have helped me
Just like to thank this forum, just had it done, and have to say the dentist was amazing completely relaxed me, as she knew i was nervous, had the numbing gel first then 4 injections, which i didnt feel at all, then within minutes she started to feel round my tooth then it came out, only took 15 minutes, think i was longer in the chair as she was telling me what to do and not to do after.

but this forum really helps. so thank you
Congratulations wezst, that's really great news ? ?!! So glad to hear that your new dentist is so calming. She sounds lovely!

Thank you so much for the update, it's really helpful for others to read how things went, so thank you for sharing!
Congrats and well done:jump::jump::jump: so glad that all went well! Hope your new dentist will stick with you for a long time!:clover: