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uppper vs lower teeth numbing



Dec 18, 2009
I have to go get 3 fillings tomorrow in my upper molars. I had a root canal on my lower jaw and panicked because the feeling of my mouth/tounge being numb makes me so anxious.

Will the upper teeth feel as numb as when the lower teeth are frozen? Thank you


Well-known member
Nov 27, 2009
I had a nerve block injection on my first attempt at surgically extracting my upper right back molar (#2) - with this surgeon he gave me a type of nerve block that affected my whole right side of my head. Also he dripped some of it down my throat and that didn't help either. I have a phobia of th e numb feeling too - feels like paralyation/loss of control/afraid I am not breathing because I can't *feel* myself breathing in my throat..........when I went to an oral surgeon who had better technique and well, better bedside manners too, he numbed only the area that was affected by surgery (the tooth, its roots, and a little bit of the surrounding gum tissue). I did not even feel my cheek get numb, let alone any other part of my face. If possible ask your dentist to numb just the tooth instead of doing a whole nerve block? I'm not sure, but I feel your pain and I can assure you they will probably be able to numb just the tooth...hopefully! :thumbsup: