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Upset about my teeth, dont enjoy going to the dentist.

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Apr 23, 2015
United Kingdom
Even though I have ranted and vent about my teeth, I go regularly every three months to the dentists, due again in December but not looking forward to it. I get on well with my current dentist.

I think I would know if I had any gum abcesses or mouth abcesses. as I had abscesses before. and no one has commented about the smells.

My teeth accourding to myself look horrible, I try not to look in the mirror to often only when cleaning them, I have a huge overcrowding problem and I think I need two or three teeth removing to make it easier for me to keep my mouth clean.

My Dad lost his teeth in his 40s not because of poor hygeine, his parents never took him to the dentist and him fall of the wall when he was 18. smoking probably did not help as well. after getting dentures in his 40s he has only been back to the dentist in the last couple of years because he thought dentures meant no more checkups at the dentist.

I am quite surprise by my age I have not had my wisdom teeth removed (mid/early 30s) I have three teeth wisdom teeth and one partly erupted, I still got some white bits in my mouth which look like these teeth are still coming through. (I have 27 teeth) I counted 29. whether I have counted two parts of the tooth as two seperate teeth.
I dont think my parents fully understand why I get worried, my mum gets on with it (even though both care) and say my teeth are fine, I have problems even though I go regularly, especially past fillings I have had which i still go may be causing me problems, impact teeth so I cannot brush and clean/floss properly with waterpik, tried doing floss and struggled.

I keep saying to my parents I am scared I will lose my teeth, I want them all out, because I hate my smile, and hate my awakard teeth positions, DIY dentist is something I dont want to try.
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I keep mention it, but even though my dentist knows I am scared and worried and even though I like my dentist, I just panic how my teeth look, I dont like having these twinges, I know at 33 my wisdom teeth seem to still be coming through I had no issues when I was in my 20s with my wisdom teeth.

My gum pockets last time when I went in September 2017 were all 2s. I keep looking at my teeth, I feel my teeth look worst than the are, which makes me less confidence, I have a speech problem so I dont speech much, also I am embarrassment about my teeth, even though I had a look at website about bad teeth, it true what it says there are people with worst teeth than yourself.
Nearly getting closer to another doomsday dental appointment, I been going for years, but feel quite scared going, I like to get my problems with my teeth sorted out, to make it easier for me will involved me losing a few teeth, I got crooked, wonky overcrowding problems. I am surprised at my age of 33 I have not lost more than one tooth.