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Urgent Advice Needed: Loose Crown



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May 10, 2013
I'm urgently looking for a bit of advice. I have a tooth with has had a rct, and is capped with a crown held in by a post. I have just discovered that the crown is loose, and I am due to leave first thing in the morning to go to a Scottish island for a week, where there are no dentists. The tooth is next door to a front tooth. I am a nervous patient, which is an added complication. Can anyone give me some advice as I don't know what to do.

Many thanks.
terrible timing!
If the crown falls loose then it won't look too good but as the tooth is rootfilled it's unlikely to hurt. don't be tempted to glue it with superglue or similar. There are emergency crown cement kits available from chemists though they're not particularly strong.
Many of the larger islands do have a dental service -you may get lucky.
Thank you very much for replying. I have picked up a Toofypeg emergency crown fixing kit. The crown hasn't come out yet, but I don't expect it to survive the week. Unfortunately the island has a visiting dentist every three months, and with my tooth's wonderful timing he's not likely to be visiting just. Ow!

Your advice is very much appreciated as I feel a little calmer now. Thanks!
Just an update to let you know what happened next...!

Bought an emergency crown cement kit and took it away on holiday. The crown, though loose, lasted until Wednesday and then flew out of my mouth in the middle of a conversation with relatives we were visiting. Their eight year old daughter's face was a picture!

Anyway, the post came attached to the tooth so I was very worried about trying to reattach it myself and there is no dentist on the island. My cousin told me to go to the island doctor, so I did. I was very nervous as I'm scared of all things dental, but he was wonderful! He glued it back in, and didn't seem at all bothered by my teeth, in fact he said he was terrified of dentists too. The crown is still very secure, and I'm home now, with an appointment to see my new dentist this week. Thanks again for your advice!
I would have had a fit, I think you dealt with this very well, I am glad you managed to get it sorted out and that you have a dentist appointment so that he can do the job properly for you.

Let us know how you get on :butterfly:
Thank you:jump:

I got very, very quiet after it happened!!

My cousin had a crown recemented by the doctor and it's still going strong two years later, so you never know. However, my dentist will decide on Thursday. Interesting first treatment appointment with him!

Thanks for your support, and for your dancing smiley, it's so cute!