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Urgent advice needed!



Junior member
Nov 3, 2014
Hi guys,

I posted on here quite a while back on whether or not I needed a root canal but I am so sure I need one. My tooth has turned grey and after having throbbing in the tooth for months (not painful just very aware of it), in December I plucked up the courage to get an emergency appointment. I had a different dentist than the one I normally have and he did an X-ray, said I had an infection in the gum and prescribed me Metronidazole. This worked and the throbbing feeling went away.

Cut to now and I visited the dentist last week as I was meant to have a filling in a different tooth. My grey tooth had begun to have a niggling feeling in it again, not so much pain but more so the throbbing feeling again so I asked her about my tooth and she just told me that it was because I had a build up of plaque behind the tooth, that is the reason it has gone discoloured and that I would need to have whitening inside the tooth to sort the problem?! I am not one for always thinking I am right but I am so sure I need a root canal as I think anyone can see (I have attatched a picture) that the tooth is dead just by the colour and needs the roots out! Thanks for any advice guys. Should I go to another dentist? I am constantly panicking that the tooth is going to fall out!

I had a root canal done recently and let me tell you, the pain I had prior to it was the worst I'd ever been through, I think if you needed a root canal you would be in severe pain. But then again, I'm only speaking from experience.
I also had severely irritated gums (swollen, red and throbbing) above the tooth that needed a root canal, so I had a feeling something was going on.
Looking at the pictures I don't think you need one, but I'm not a professional or very knowledgeable when it comes to these things.