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Urgent answer needed please



Junior member
Feb 18, 2010
I'm being iv sedated tomorrow.
At my last appointment they said I would need a responsible adult to take me home (an escort).
So I thought my husband could pick me up at the end.
Reading around now I'm getting different answers about whether he's supposed to stay for the whole thing.
He can't stay he has to look after my 22 month old and there is noone else to have him, my parents live abroad. Theres no way they could sit in the waiting room the whole time.
I'm freaking out now that I've misunderstood them and that I won't be able to get treatment as my husband can't stay. I can't afford to pay for a cancelled appointment as well as treatment. I won't ever be able to get the treatment if anyway as we would still be left with the problem of the baby.

does he have to stay?
Hi Bronze,
First let me suggest you take a deep breath. It will calm you.
Second, you dont say if you are going to a dentist or oral surgeon or how long you're procedure is supposed to take. This might make a difference.
Third, have you called the office to explain the situation and clarify if he must stay the whole time?
Is there anyone else, friend/relative, etc that could be with you if your driver is required to stay?
When I had oral surgery last summer, I had IV sedation and my husband was required to stay in the office. That day, my husband said there was two other people each with a small child that were also waiting and the office had several toys and things for them to play with. This might be an idea for you as well.
Hope this helps

In the normal way, I can't see why he would have to stay during your appointment :confused: (what for? unless you specifically wanted him to be there for moral support) - I would think you'll just need someone to take you home and keep an eye on you once you're finished.

All the best for tomorrow :grouphug:
Thank you
I'm going to go to bed and try not to dream of dentists
I am having around 7 hours of iv sedation and my dentist said to have my hubby bring me after they get me to sleep he can leave and when they are almost done they will call him and he can come and get me. Hope this helps
When I had my IV sedation, the dentist's office got my husband's cell phone number and called him when they were almost through. That way he wasn't stuck in the office for the entire 3+ hours.
When I had my GA for oral surgery, they required my driver to stay. But
when I had deep sedation last week, they required a driver, but she could go home (2 miles away) until they were done..Seems to depend on the office...