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Urgent Dental Injury Advice



Junior member
Feb 14, 2018
Recently I broke one of my tooth resulting in me needing to remove it I haven't been able to since my dentist is on vacation and any other places for new patients has 3 months waiting list. The tooth which I broke started off as a cavity know there is an abscess in my gum under the cavity leaving a swollen lump on the side of my gum, which then led to gum starting to grow on top of the space where the tooth fell out know the extra pecie of gum is hanging by at theard could I cut the pecie of gum or what should I do ?
Hi Lisa, as far as I know, dentists in the US and Canada have an obligation when consulted in an emergency (even if it is by a patient who is not on their records) to "make reasonable arrangements for emergency care of that patient".

If your dentist is away on vacation, they should have left instructions on their answering machine for what to do in an emergency. If not, any other dentist should help or at least let you know where you can get help if you turn up in their office.

Please do seek professional help with this rather than attempting DIY solutions! Let us know how you get on :grouphug:
I’m in the US and letsconnect is correct that if you are already a patient somewhere, your dentist should have someone covering her/his practice in case of emergency. If s/he does not for some reason, other dentists should be able to see you in an emergency even if they are t taking new patients. As, letsconnect said, please don’t try any DIY stuff!