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URGENT! Desperately need some answers. Getting all four wisdom teeth out tomorrow!!



Jun 19, 2014
URGENT! Desperately need some answers. Getting all four wisdom teeth out tomorrow!!

Hello! This is my first post on the site, I just registered a couple of minutes ago due to the fact that I'll be having all four wisdom teeth out tomorrow. I have never had anything done at the dentist before, other than a cleaning/braces. My biggest fear isn't the procedure, it's the IV sedation I'll be given. I suffer from an anxiety disorder known as depersonalization, which is an anxiety disorder which causes panic attacks. These panic attacks feel like I've become disassociated from myself/the world, and I get these attacks daily. It's pretty much a chronic thing by now. Sometimes I wake up screaming in the middle of my sleep because my panic attacks awake me.

You can see where my problem lies. I'm so terrified of waking up panicked. I'm so scared of the moment right before I fall asleep. I have a BUNCH of silly questions, sorry if I sound like an idiot here - I probably will, but better safe than sorry!

1) How does it feel the moment before you fall asleep?

2) I think a lot. Is it possible for my body to fight the drug? I'm afraid that I'll constantly keep thinking and thinking and I know that when the needle goes in, my body will automatically try to fight. Sometimes I get a panic attack so bad that I feel like my body is going to shut down - I literally feel as if though I'm about to faint, but then I just fight that feeling and I end up not passing out. I'm afraid this will happen and that I won't end up falling asleep during the procedure.

3) When I wake up, will I know where I am/what just happened/why my mouth is numb?

4) Is it possible to have a panic attack during sedation/after I wake up/moments before I fall asleep?

5) With IV sedation, will I technically be awake? Will I be conscious throughout the whole thing? Will I be ale to think?

6) How long will I be drowsy for after? Say for example, in the car ride, I don't want to sleep. Will I be able to stay awake or will my body just not let that happen?

7) Does everyone get loopy? I've seen YouTube videos of people going absolutely crazy for a half hour after. I'm so terrified of not being in control of myself, as well as saying something I don't want to. I hate not feeling like I have control over myself...

8) Will I be dizzy/have double vision? That's the WORST feeling to me!

9) I suffer fron sleep paralysis. About two or three times a week, I wake up unable to move or breathe for what feels like thirty seconds, until I jerk myself awake and slowly regain ability to move. Is this possible with sedation? Will I wake up in the middle of the procedure like this? Or the end?

Lastly, any other information you have will help me loads!
I've been feeling so anxious that I haven't slept all week, I wake up screaming almost every night because of a nightmare about this procedure! I've been under twice in my life - once when I was a baby so I don't remember, and once in 5th grade, which I remember waking up feeling super dizzy. I'm so scared of that.

I'm eighteen years old and I'm acting like a complete baby, but will my dad be allowed back there until I fall asleep? I'm so scared. I've been crying, and at the consultation, I was so nervous that I was trying to run out. I don't know how I'm actually going to manage tomorrow if a consultation freaked me out.

I've never been so panicked in my entire life. Please, please help me.
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Jun 19, 2014
Re: URGENT! Desperately need some answers. Getting all four wisdom teeth out tomorrow!!

I just got all four of mine out last Thursday and was put under with IV sedation. I was very nervous but have been to this surgeon before so I trusted them. I sat in the chair they hooked everything up talking to me the whole time told me he put the iv in and within seconds I was out and then was woken up being told im all done. I really was nervous over nothing it was the best thing I ever did. Now afterwards I felt a little groggy for about 2 hours but never felt weird or faint or anything like that, the pain meds actually made me feel worse then the sedation. By night time I was up and around playing with my kids. When my wife got her two taken out she was put totally to sleep and I actually had to carry her to the car and into the house. I have read tons of people who have had complications and all bad experiences but mine has been a complete success with no problems expect being very sore. Im not gonna say don't worry cause no matter what anyone tells you u will be because its natural to be nervous but im here to say all u will remember sitting down then getting up paying and going home.