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Urgent help finding a Dentist/Endodontist for Root Canal in Welwyn Garden City



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May 11, 2014
Urgent help finding a Dentist/Endodontist for Root Canal in Welwyn Garden City

Hi all,

I'm urgently looking for a dentist who comes well recommended at performing RCT in Welwyn Garden City, ideally on the NHS but i am willing to go private as i don't think i can wait.

Please help, if you know of anyone.

Some history:
10 days ago i had a deep filling in my back molar by a new dentist. Unfortunately as soon as the anaesthetic wore off i have experienced constant tooth ache and very sensitive to cold and heat. I went back to the dentist 4 days later (bank holiday) to have my bite adjusted as the filling was too high, for some reason this dentist doesn't like to adjust the bite perfectly, even when I said it's still touching the tooth first in my bite - he downs his tools and puts up the chair. Anyway i professed a little to no avail and left.

I returned the next day as the pain hadn't subsided and my bite was still out. He xrayed the tooth up close and i saw two nice roots and he said no infection was visible. We discussed options and he said to have the RCT done under the NHS would basically be a sub par job and the tools are disposable and time is tight, far better to go private for £245. I was aware that equipped with a microscope had higher success rates - he doesn't use a microscope. So i opted for a sedative filling first to try save the tooth. Besides the filling sitting very high (he refused to adjust it) just said keep tapping down on it for 10min and it'll break down and mould to your bite (it hasn't). Anyway the constant toothache subsided for about 30hrs and is back but not as painful. Slight sensitivity to cold, none to hot - so it is better but still slight pain. I'll leave it for a days but would like to line up someone to carry out the RCT...
Re: Urgent help finding a Dentist/Endodontist for Root Canal in Welwyn Garden City

Hi, have you had a look to see if there are any recommended on her. Also Lincoln Hirst that answers questions on here is from there I think. He is private but I am sure if you contact him he may be able to help you or point you in the right direction. I would think if you cannot afford to go private he might know someone that does nhs :butterfly:

I don't think your dentist is being honest with you, I haven't ever been told to just bite on a filling to make it fit, they should alter the bite for you so it is comfortable.

Good luck :clover::clover::clover:
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Thank you for replying - I'll send Lincoln an email now.