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URGENT PLEASE ANSWER. still in pain 5 days post extraction



Junior member
Jan 31, 2016
Hi, I had 3 teeth removed 5 days ago. Two upper back molars and one lower back molar, they were rotten to the gum line as I'm terrified of dentists and kept putting it off. Anyway, finally had the courage to have them removed as they were causing all sorts of issues, it's been 5 almost 6 days since the extraction. The top two both blood clots have shrunk and one of the sockets has nothing other than slight white tissue inside and the other still has a slight blood clot inside with white tissue do these sound like normal healing? They aren't giving me much grief just the odd twinge or throb every now and again.

The bottom one however is a completely different story! It started out with no visable blood clot just lots of white/grey tissue and the taste and smell coming from it was enough to make me feel physically sick! I was totally petrified I was developing dry socket and went back to the dentist 2 days post extraction she said I had an infection and prescribed me antibiotics. Now on day 5/6 the white tissue is dissappearing and there is all black inside with a little white on top which I'm hoping is blood clot? The smell seems to be going away slowly but it's still sore. It's not servere pain by any means but still hurts to talk and swallow, my gum has quite a big split in it and I'm wondering if that may be the cause of the pain? Anyway my main question is 5 days post extraction am I still at risk for dry socket? And why does this bottom extraction site seem to be healing so very slowly? I'm tired of pain killers and no food :( it's not intense pain or anything just kind of feels like a dull mild toothache that's a little annoying and it will totally dissappear with ibuprofen only to come back a little later.

Can anybody please advise, I'd be so great full I'm driving myself insane with it!

Thank you
Wow sound like you got infection and shocking she didn't give ya medicine same day as infection since it's smell bad it's infections. If I was you call her and ask for exam agian
Hi it sounds like the dentist has this under control. The antibiotics sound as if they are clearing the infection up, extraction sites will all heal at different rates, even in the same mouth as you are finding out. As long as the pain and taste/smell is getting less you should be fine.

The description you have given of the extraction site sounds normal now. If you are still worried or if you are in a lot of pain like before then contact your dentist again.