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Urgent Question - Appt tomorrow



Jan 4, 2010
Although I had a successful visit 2 weeks ago, the filling I need tomorrow may be a bit more traumatic so I got my GP to give me anti anxiety meds. My dentist does not prescribe these nor do IV sedation (feels it's beyond his expertise - fair enough). This is Diazepam 2 mg (maybe not the best one but we are where we are). I notice from posts on here that people are taking 5-10 mg. I am worried that 2mg will do diddly-squat. Do you think I would have a better effect if I took one at breakfast and one at lunch (appt at 2pm). Thank you. :(
Hi CherylE

First of all............well done on your successful visit previously.:)

I have to use diazepam prior to my appts just to get me in the door and 2mg just about does that for me. ( although I DO need 5mg the night before to help me sleep) I guess the dosage and effects from it depend on weight, metabolism etc. I take it you will be escorted to and from your appt?
Thanks - yes, my Mum will come to and drive me as I don't drive.

It depends on how you will react to the meds. The response to anti-anxiety meds is all over the map. For some people the 2-2.5mg dose is effective. The idea is to use the smallest effective dose, more is not necessarily better. Valium has a long half-life (80-100 hours). This means 50% of the medication is still in the blood plasma after this time. Valium can cause severe motor impairment and make you sleeply.

These meds work best if you do some stress reduction exercises, like deep breathing, with them as this improves affect.

Blessings :)
Thank you - the Valium seems to have worked a treat! Had the fillling replaced and it looks better but I'm rather puzzled. It was an old amalgam filling which took up most of the tooth. The new one is composite white but there is still a line of amalgam down the very middle of the tooth. I'm hoping he decided to just leave it as it won't damage the tooth, now it's refilled and that replacing it with composite might cause the tooth to split? I may be grasping at straws but I don't want him touching it again as it was not comfortable not excruciating) having it done. The filling was at the back and I felt a lot of pressure during treatment - made worse by the fact that I can't hold my mouth open for long due to TMJ pain.
Sorry, yet another question! How often should I have a routine X ray? I last went about 18 months ago and can't remember whether I had one then.

Thank youi
Ain't no such thing as a routine x-ray. They need to be prescribed as required for an individual patient's circumstances. This could be every 5 years or every 6 months...