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Urgent question. scared for my life- infected decaying tooth



Jan 27, 2013
I have a tooth that has decayed past my gum line am there is a hole there with only some of the roots lefts. It doesn't hurt as bad as a tooth I had a ear ago that got very infected, so i guess it isn't infected as bad but I know it is a little. I know it has to come out I already have an appointment scheduled for consultation before surgery. My only question is, will I know if the infection is life threatening or could it kill me without warning? Does there always have to be swelling, feeling sick, severe pain Etc or can you die from an infected tooth without warning signs. PLEASE HELP!!!
I am certainly not a dentist... but I have had the same thing, for years, and am still alive (my infection comes and goes). If you are worried, an urgent care center should be able to give you antibiotics to hold you over until your dentist appointment.
Relax - an infection won't kill you without a warning :).

Wishing you all the best for your consultation appointment :grouphug:
Okay, I just wasn't sure about it, because there is pain but not too much. So I feel like there is a little warning but i'm just hoping that there would be so much more pain if I needed to worry. Only 2 more days until my appointment though. Thank you for your answer
I have an infection under a rct'd tooth that has been there for a year it is being treated but is still there. Don't worry you will be fine and I just noticed the date you last posted on here and you should be home and dry now. I hope everything went well for you.
Let us know how you got on when you feel up to it. :hug5::butterfly: