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Use of cloves in tooth socket by dentist...



Junior member
Apr 29, 2013
5 days ago, on Wednesday I had 3 wisdom teeth out and 2 back molars pulled the dentist said were damaged from the wisdom teeth growing into them. I had a bad feeling about the dentist but proceded anyway. The extraction went well, and had very little pain afterward, but I did bleed heavily for the first 24 hours, then it got lighter, but continued to seep even to today. The second day after extraction, I noticed a dull pain coming from where the extraction was. I was concerned about dry socket and the fact it was still seeping so I called, and they told me to come in Monday morning. Well when I got there, the dentist was condescending to say the least, and seemed put out that I would ask him questions. I told him about the dull pain, and the fact that its still seeping no matter what I do. I tried gauze, teabags, salt water, you name it. I am going on a cruise in 9 days and don't want dry socket on the cruise. He told me that if I had dry socket, I would know it, which I realize is true, but the pain was slowly getting worse over time, and I wanted to be sure. He then proceeded to put clove root on the extraction site telling me it would make it heal better. I heard of using clove oil for pain, but never clove directly on the extraction for healing. It definitely feels better, but what I would like to know is this a common practice to do? Will it slow down the healing of the socket with this packed in there? And will this come out on its own, and when it does will it take the clot with it, and leave me in worse shape I was in before? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated, TY


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
The usual stuff to put in sockets is called Alvogyl, it tastes pretty strongly of cloves but there's not any actual cloves in it. I assume that's what they've used and it'll dissolve away as the socket heals.

If it's an actual clove, then I'm stuck, sorry.