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Using Superfloss on Implant



Apr 12, 2022
Hi, I went to my implant surgeon for a post checkup after 8 months and the assistant gave me an sample pack of oral b superfloss and suggested me to use it to clean my implant (tooth #9). Right next to it, I have a filling on my tooth #8 which I had an accident in PE class back in high school. The filling is the gap line next to tooth #9. The nurse explained to me how to use it. But when I got home, I was wondering how to put it in. So I used it the same way like I am using a regular dental floss using the hard part and pull it to the top of the gum and switched to the sponge portion. It was hard to pull it up and I forced it. My gum and tooth #8 with the filling felt a little uncomfortable. Now that I watched YouTube videos and found out that I am not supposed to use the hard part to pull it up to the gum line. I should poke it in between the space in the gum area between the the two teeth. Now I am so worry that I might have damaged the filling on my #8 tooth and #9 implant. For I did used the sponge part on the implant. Do you think by doing it once will damage the filling on the tooth next to implant?
No, you won't have damaged anything. Don't worry about it.