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valium, laughing gas and IV sedation?



Junior member
May 16, 2016
Next Monday I go to the oral surgeon to have all four of my wisdom teeth removed (three erupted, one impacted) and I am an absolute wreck about it. I started crying during my consultation but thankfully, my surgeon is really nice and talked me off the (metaphorical) ledge. He said I have to do IV sedation since he doesn't want me awake at all during the procedue so he's prescribed me 5mg of valium to take 30mins before my appointment and said that he would give me a small amount of laughing gas to help aide getting me through the IV (because I am absolutely terrified to death of any sort of needle) and I was just wondering, is this common? Is it okay to do Valium, nitrous and the IV? Or will this make me sick or something?
Thanks, in advance.
My guess is that it was okay...

Can you respond back?

Anyone else have feedback?
he recommended that and it sounds very safe. i have done the same at a higher dose many times